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The Library

The Prior's library at St. Willibrord Priory specializes in ancient Greek and Roman language and Classics, Greek and Latin Christian Patristic Studies, Byzantine studies, Philosophy and Theology. The Philosophy collection focuses on the history of Western philosophy and existential phenomenology. The Theology collection focuses on historical theology, with several specialized collections in the writings and thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, Neo-Scholasticism and Contemporary Catholic Theology, with many volumes on Bernhard Häring, Karl Rahner, Hans Kung, John Macquarrie among others. There is also a specialized collection on the writings and thought of St. Augustine of Hippo.

The library also holds many volumes on English and European literature, European ancient, medieval and modern history, Church history, Christian spirituality, Art history and Heraldry.

Since scholarship and the intellectual life is fundamental to the Order of St. Willibrord, the Priory is in the process of developing its collections in Classics, Patristics and Contemporary Theology. The Priory welcomes Memorial Gifts of Book Collections.

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