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Associate Membership and the Confraternity

Associate Membership in the Confraternity of the Priory of St. Willibrord is open to Christian men of outstanding character of any denomination who are drawn to the ideals and the mission of the Order of St. Willibrord.

The prospective candidate will be a man who desires a deeper commitment to Our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus and seeks growth in the spiritual life. The candidate may petition membership by letter to the Prior. The candidate must be baptized, profess the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed and make a commitment of daily prayer and the faithful practice of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Upon acceptance, the candidate becomes an Associate Member of the Confraternity and vested by the Prior on the Feast of St. Willibrord. Associates wear a choir mantle for Church services and have a utility uniform that may be worn in the performance of charitable works of the Order. Associate Members may participate in the life of the Priory, spiritual formation of the Order and live the Rule in his life according to the degree to which he is so called. There are twenty-seven Associates living in the United States, Africa and Europe.

The Vocation of an Oblate Brother and Religious Life in the Order

For those Associates who may find themselves desiring the Religious life, the vocation of an Oblate Brother begins in the Confraternity and its charitable works. Upon mutual discernment by the Order and the Associate, the Associate may be invited to pursue the life of an Oblate Brother in making the Promise of Obedience. When an Associate is called to further discern the vocation of an Oblate Brother, he is invited to the first stage of his formation called Postulancy. All stages of formation commence on the Feast of St. Willibrord, November 7th. Postulancy may be residential or non-residential, for married or celibate men, for a period of one year. 

Cross of Profession

Upon successful conclusion of Postulancy, the Postulant is called to Novitiate, which is the second stage of Formation. Again, on the Feast of St. Willibrord, the Novice comes before the Prior, and he is now vested with the Habit of the Order. Novitiate may be residential or non-residential and lasts two years. Upon successful conclusion of Novitiate, the Brother is eligible to make his the first (temporary) Promise of Obedience for a period of three years, renewable. During the time between his first promise and solemn profession, for a period of three to six years, the Brother is assigned either to studies and/or apostolate. After this period of studies and/or apostolic work, the Brother is eligible to make Solemn Profession.

Upon Solemn Profession, the Brother makes the Promise of Obedience for life. When a Brother makes solemn profession, he becomes a permanent member of the Priory Chapter with the right to vote.

The Oblate Brother may live in community or in his own residence, integrating his secular life with his Religious life in the Order, usually in the field of education, but also in other professions and occupations. Whether the Brother is ordained or not, all Oblate Brothers are equal in their brotherhood in the Order.

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