St. Willibrord Priory

An Old-Catholic Community 

The Institute for Old-Catholic Theology 

Established by Dr. Craig J. N. de Paulo in order to provide continuing formation and advanced training in Old-Catholic theology and related fields for clergy and laity, the Institute for Old-Catholic Theology is authorized to grant a graduate "Diploma in Old Catholic Theology" through affiliation with the Faculty of Theology of the Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School of Philosophy, Theology and Classics.

The Institute for Old-Catholic Theology offers an annual intensive summer course open to clergy and laypeople seeking advanced study of Old-Catholic theology along with other sacred sciences and related fields. 

The Institute focuses on Old-Catholic theological methodology, patristic theology and traditional Old-Catholic approaches to dogmatic theology, historical theology, moral theology, sacramentalogy and ecclesiology. The esteemed Faculty and Fellows of the Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology serve as the Institute Faculty along with distinguished Guest Lecturers and Visiting Scholars from nearby universities, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Villanova University.

The total cost of the summer course is $1,050.00, which includes a Continental breakfast and lunch every day. The 2020 Summer Discounted Pre-Registration is now open! A minimum of 50% of the course tuition is due at the time of registration and the remaining 50% is due May 7, 2020. Housing fees must be paid at the time of registration for reservation.

The four-day intensive summer course include lectures, workshops and symposia in addition to plenty of occasions for socializing and prayer. The cost of the course also includes visits to Lancaster county and Philadelphia. Participants who complete the course receive a Graduate Diploma in Old Catholic Theology from the Collegium Augustinianum Graduate School of Philosophy, Theology and Classics.

Clergy graduates are eligible to be Licensed for Old Catholic Ministry by the Old Catholic Confederation after the successful completion of six courses in Old Catholic theology, Sacramental theology, Moral theology, Spiritual theology, Liturgical Praxis and Spiritual Direction.