St. Willibrord Priory

An Old-Catholic Community 

The Center for Ecumenism and Spirituality

As a religious order recognized by the Old Catholic Confederation, we are committed to authentic ecumenism and seek ecumenical dialogue with all Christian Churches and charitable dialogue with all good will religions.

As Old-Catholics, our commitment to ecumenism is rooted in our theology of baptism. Indeed, through the mystery of baptism, we all enter into the Divine life; and through our baptism, we are all one in Christ. Thus, the sacraments of the Old Catholic Church in the United States are open to all baptized Christians! Indeed, as an Old-Catholic religious order, ecumenism is an essential part of our mission.

The Center for Ecumenism and Spirituality at St. Willibrord Priory hosts ecumenical and inter-religious conferences, lectures, courses and workshops concerning Christian unity and Old-Catholic spirituality in addition to retreats, days of recollection and ecumenical fellowship for clergy and lay people.